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Teepee Sleepovers 
Sleep Unders

Teepee Slumber Parties

Teepee Pardi Events, Teepee party packages are a unique way to celebrate slumber parties in the comfort of your home, yard, driveway or venue. The guest of honor and each guest will sleep in their own tent with fashionable decor to match your theme/color. We welcome boys/girls ages 5 & up adults are welcome as well.

We also offer sleep underS for children under 5yrs of age & adults that do not wish to host sleepovers.

Package included for each guest:
Delivery, Setup/Breakdown, Tent, Mattress, Bedding, Bunting, Fairy Lights/Garlands, Decorative Pillow, Bed Tray or create, Led Lamp, Lantern, Themed Decor to match theme.

Pricing Per Night:

2 Tents: $265

3 Tents: $350

4 Tents: $450

5 Tents: $550

6 Tents: $650 

7 Tents: $750

8 Tents: $850 

9 Tents: $950

10 Tents: $1050

11 Tents: $1100

12 Tents: $1200 

13+ Tents Inquire for Pricing

Additional Nights available for $30 per teepee per night

***Other styling package items/party stations are available for add-ons***


  • Tumblers

  • Eye Mask

  • Personalized Favors

  • Customized Pillowcase

  • Customized Treat Favors

  • Personalized Favors

"Elevate any celebration with our picture perfect teepee parties"

Perfect For: 

  • ages 6 and up for slumber parties

  • ages 3 and up for sleep unders

  • Teen Birthday Parties

  • Sweet 16 party

  • Family Visits

  • Holiday Sleepovers

  • Family Night

  • Ladies Night

  • Bachelorette Parties

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